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Greeting by the Minister for Science and Culture of Niedersachsen on the Acceptance of the Patronage for the Field Robot Event 2010 in Braunschweig

tl_files/images/Portrait Fr. Prof. Wanka_small.pngI am pleased to have been entrusted with the patronage for the 8th International FieldRobotEvent 2010 in Braunschweig. After Osnabrück in the year 2008, this event will be conducted for the second time in Lower Saxony in 2010. The Field Robot Event has been introduced by the University of Wageningen and has meanwhile developed into an annual fixture with changing venues. I hope that student groups from all over the world will participate in this event again this year, in order to match themselves against one another.
I find it particularly interesting that not only groups of university students are addressed, but already school pupils, too, are invited to participate within the frame of Field Robot Junior. The young generation thus becomes familiar with technical engineering at an early stage. Particularly in the area of agriculture it is important to develop high-performance machines and to further develop existing technologies in order to maintain and ensure sustainable, ecologically sound agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is the basis for future generations.
The Field Robot Event and Field Robot Junior introduce young people to technical engineering in an exciting and interesting way. They are shown that science and technology do not need to be prosaic and abstract, but that these disciplines are diversified and alive, full of ideas and surprises. The participants shall be encouraged to develop their creativity and resourcefulness. Particularly at times of a prevailing lack of junior staff in engineering, events such as the Field Robot Event are certainly a step into the right direction. This experience will inspire pupils to venture into the field of technology and confirm university students that they have chosen the right subject of study.

Therefore, I invite all interested groups of university students and school pupils to participate in the various types of competitions. I hope that many enthusiastic participants will delight a large number of curious visitors in thrilling contests and make for a highly successful event. Good luck to the organisers, the contributors and all participants.Logo_MWK_en.gif



Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka
Minister for Science and Culture of Niedersachsen